The Mental Side of Trading Video Collection

The Mental Side of Trading Video Collection
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This is the last five videos in the sixteen part Create Your Own Successful Trading Strategy series. Topic cover in this collection are:
12. Self Responsiblity - discusses how important this is to successful trading and some thoughts on how to achieve it.
13. Self Awareness - discussion of how to improve your self awareness and how that ties into trading discipline. Very important!
14. Mental States - discusses some helpful mental states and some others not helpful to trading. Also gives some ideas on how to switch mental states to helpful.
15. Life and Trading - Life will intrude on trading and attempt to disrupt it. If you don't have contingency plans on how to deal with it, your strategy is not complete.
16. Pulling It All Together -Summary of the entire process of good trading, what you have to have in place and Tom's thoughts on getting to a place where trading is easy.

Great for all traders learning more about themselves to take it to the highest level.

This bundle contains the following products:

12 - Self-Responsibility 12 - Self-Responsibility
13 - Self-Awareness 13 - Self-Awareness
14 - Mental States 14 - Mental States
15 - Life and Trading 15 - Life and Trading
16 - Pulling It All Together 16 - Pulling It All Together
Mental Side of Trading Summary Video Mental Side of Trading Summary Video