Buy/Sell Engine Video Collection

Buy/Sell Engine Video Collection

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This collection of videos covers the first five videos in the sixteen video series created by Tom Basso to help traders of all experience levels create and run a successful trading strategy.  The videos include:
1. Develop your own strategy - a discussion of why you should not trade someone else's strategy and instead create your own
2. Taking a personal trading inventory - a framework for developing a strategy to suit you and your situation
3. What is a Buy/Sell Engine? - a discussion of creating something that easily allows you to take action
4. Buy/Sell Engines, 1000's of choices - a discussion of the myriad of possible ways one can trade
5. Trend following, Entries and Exits - a discussion of what to expect from trend following and how many TF models act alike

A great series for someone starting out in trading.

This bundle contains the following products:

01 - Developing Your Own Personal Trading Strategy 01 - Developing Your Own Personal Trading Strategy
02 - Taking A Personal Inventory 02 - Taking A Personal Inventory
03 - What Is A Buy/Sell Engine? 03 - What Is A Buy/Sell Engine?
04 - Buy/Sell Engines, A Thousand Choices 04 - Buy/Sell Engines, A Thousand Choices
05 - Trend Following Entries And Exits 05 - Trend Following Entries And Exits
Buy/Sell Engine Video Summary Buy/Sell Engine Video Summary