Keys To Successful Trading Seminar hosted by Tom Basso and Laurens Bensdorp

Keys To Successful Trading Seminar hosted by Tom Basso and Laurens Bensdorp

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Keys To Successful Trading

Hosted by Tom Basso and Laurens Bensdorp

November 5 & 6, 2021
at The Phoenician Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona

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Tom Basso

Founder and President,

- Former President of Trendstat Capital Management, Inc, a Scottsdale money manager handling 600 million dollars at the peak for clients all over the world.

- Retired board member of National Futures Association.

- Retired board member of National Association of Active Investment Managers (NAAIM).

- Published numerous research papers on money management and trading.

- Dubbed "Mr. Serenity" by Jack Schwager in The New Market Wizards.

- BS in Chemical Engineering and an Master in Business Administration, so applied math and science to the trading of investments at Trendstat Capital Management.

- Author of Successful Traders Size Their Positions - Why and How? and Panic-Proof Investing which is dedicated to helping investors with the process of good investing.

Laurens Bensdorp

Trading Mastery School

- Founder and CEO of the Trading Mastery School, a mentoring program for serious traders wanting to achieve higher levels of success in their trading with clients from many countries around the globe.

- Author of two best selling books on Amazon: Automated Stock Trading Systems: A Systematic Approach for Traders to Make Money in Bull, Bear and Sideways Markets and The 30-Minute Stock Trader. both are great guides to creating easy-to-execute strategies that help the trader remain disciplined and reduce the stress of trading. Laurens' new book on multiple strategy trading will be given free to attendees.

- Laurens was featured in Van Tharp’s book, Trading Beyond the Matrix, in which he explains how he transformed himself from a losing trader into a winner.

- Has lived in 12 countries and speaks 6 languages.

An agenda of what we will cover:

Day 1

8:30 AM Introductions; Create your Personal Inventory/Profile to start creating a strategy for you.

10:00 AM Break for Coffee, Tea

10:30 AM Learn to trade according to your preferred life style

    • Trade according to your risk tolerance
    • Trade according to your personalized strategy
      • If you do not do this, you will fail
    • Outcomes:
      • Have clarity of who you are as a trader and what objectives, risk tolerances and what trade strategy suits you
      • Have rock solid confidence in executing your strategy because it is designed around you
      • No desire to override your trading system
      • No fear, hesitation or doubt
      • A guaranteed stress-free trading operation so you can sleep relaxed and not worry
  • 10:30 AM Learn about various Buy/Sell Engines, some of their advantages and disadvantages.
    • There are thousands of ways to trade.
    • You must have a strategy to trigger the trader called the buy/sell engine.
    • We will go over a variety of buy/sell engines, discuss their advantages and disadvantages and help you to narrow down a buy/sell engine for you.

 1:30 PM Discussion on having more than one strategy and the benefits of diversifying by strategy.

    • The magic of combining multiple non correlated systems
    • Not having any fear about what the market will do
    • Whether it goes up or down, you do not care because for all scenarios you have strategies in place
    • Understand how multiple strategies work for you
    • 3 stock trading systems that give you a combined back-tested return of more than 30% annual returns since 1995 with half less than half the risk / drawdown of the SP 500. Remember that back-tested returns are not real returns depending on what the future brings and how each trader's personality and skill level allows him/her to trade into the future.
    • Have total clarity WHY it is impossible to have one single system that makes money in all market types and why you need to combine different systems to increase risk adjusted return and lower volatility
    • Understand why a single systems performance is NOT what you are after. Key is the combined performance
    • We become immune for what the market direction does. If it goes up or down – we do not care

 3:30 PM Learn about sizing positions and why that is more important than the buy/sell over the long run.

    • Tom – How to size your initial stock or futures position using risk and/or volatility
    • How to size your ongoing stock or futures position using risk and/or volatility
    • Managing positions sizes by total portfolio risk

 6:30 PM Dinner in the Sunset Room of the J&G Steakhouse, The Phoenician's top restaurant. The view of the sunset and the city lights of the Phoenix metro area and dinner with Laurens and Tom should be spectacular. Dinner is for the participant and one guest.

    • Have an experience to remember dining at the foothils of Camelback Mountain at night.
    • Spectacular view, spectacular food and wine, great conversation with Laurens, Tom and the other participants

Day 2:

  • 8:30 AM Find out some ways to select your portfolio and manage it.
    • Understand Why we need to have clarity what portfolio or instrument we want to trade
    • Understand the pros and cons of different portfolios
    • Have clarity that for every trading style there is a portfolio and strategy available: high volume traders, low capital, high risk, low risk etc.
    • Using common sense and correlations to select improve diversification
    • Understand how to select smaller margined products to diversify a smaller futures portfolio.

 10:30 AM A discussion of the mental side of trading, self-responsibility, self-awareness, discipline and emotion.

    • Understanding from a market wizard what it takes
    • How to live the serene life by Mr. Serenity
    • Understand how to incorporate unexpected occurrences into your trading strategies
    • Understand how to change mental states to position your mind in more helpful states for trading

1:30 PM Planning to trade, Strategy Checklist, Taking Action

3:30PM Questions and answers for Laurens and Tom

  • Have the benefit to ask anything to Laurens and Tom.
  • Free copies of Laurens’ and Tom’s latest books and a free copy of Tom’s Trading Tools for Excel
5:00 PM Formal end of seminar, but Laurens and Tom will stay until your questions are answered

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